In the heat of the summer months, there’s no better place to spend your downtime than on your gorgeous deck.

Your deck should be a haven of relaxation, an outdoor getaway that’s both luxurious and welcoming. It should extend your home and align with your lifestyle. Just like another room in the house, it should be decorated and enjoyed accordingly!

Deck Materials

When upgrading your deck, maximizing your investment should be a primary focus. Choosing the right decking material will ensure the work lasts and stays beautiful for years to come. Some of our personal favorites for decks are ipe and Trex.

Ipe is an extremely dense exotic hardwood that is ideal for outdoor living. Also known as Brazilian walnut, ipe is both gorgeous and resilient. It’s naturally resistant to decay, mold, and rot without additional chemical sealing, so it’s both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Trex is a composite material made of a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Not only does it look great, but it’s also extremely durable, stain-resistant, and holds its shape for decades without noticeable wear and tear.

Creating Deck Zones

Depending on who you are, what you enjoy, and the kind of entertaining you like to do, your deck will need different zones to accommodate your needs. Of course, every deck needs a seating area, a table, and a grill. But to take it to the next level, why not incorporate a lounging area, a wet bar, and an entertainment zone?

Deck Railings

Railings aren’t just for safety; they can be aesthetically pleasing and functional as well! We love cable railings for their practicality and ease of care. Cable railings involve stainless steel wire infill strung between a railing structure—usually reinforced aluminum or wood—to maintain tension.

Glass panels are also a gorgeous, super-sleek solution for enhancing your backyard’s natural beauty without overwhelming the space. The wonderful thing about both cable and glass panel railings is that they offer an uninterrupted view of your domain from almost any angle.

Deck Lighting

Lighting design is the perfect way to highlight the scenery in your beautiful backyard, and there are lots of ways to get creative with it.

With tread lighting on your deck’s stairs, you won’t have to worry about putting a foot wrong. Plus, railing lighting subtly highlights your deck’s perimeter. The great thing about both tread and railing lights is that they do double-duty as safety apparatus and accent lighting.

Rope lighting, meanwhile, can be a festive, funky, delicate, or romantic way of lighting up the edges of your railings or stairs.

Temperature Control

To extend your outdoor comfort, you’ll also want some form of temperature control to make it comfortable both day and night. Keep the heat at bay with outdoor fans. If you have a covered area, ceiling fans help circulate hot air, while a portable box or tower fan unit brings the cool air to you. On cooler evenings, a decorative propane unit is an attractive way to stay cozy.

Whatever deck design speaks to you, our team is ready to make it happen. Connect with us today, and let’s build it together.