It’s patio season, which means summer is in full swing. The days are hot, the evenings are warm and breezy, everyone wants to kick back and relax – and there’s no better place to do it than on the patio.

Creating a Patio You’ll Love

Whether your patio needs a makeover or you want to build something from scratch, here are a few tips to inspire the transformation.

From the Ground Up

If you plan to install a patio surface in your backyard, there is a lot of variety when it comes to materials – and all have their pros and cons.

Wood is always a classic option for backyard patios. When properly maintained, a wood patio will last for many years and can be stained to suit your preference.

Patio pavers, or stones made from concrete, clay brick, or natural stone, are a stylish and affordable way to dress up your backyard area. These interlocking pieces come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, and are strong, durable, and flexible when installed.

Concrete, while durable and affordable, is prone to cracking from weather exposure, and can be difficult to replace.

Brick is extremely versatile and lasts for decades, but it can also run on the pricier side.

Flagstones feature irregular shapes and often have a rougher surface than other materials. They can also run quite a hefty price tag; however, their natural look holds plenty of appeal, depending on your style.

Color My Life

Enhance your patio space with a little bit of color. This can take the form of paint, patterns, plant-life, or all of the above. Certain building materials come in ranges of colors and prints, and they’re simple to incorporate into your decor scheme. Fabric covers, throw pillows, art pieces, and decorative fixtures can turn any boring backyard into a fun and funky outdoor space.

Include flora in your design with potted plants, or with greenery integrated into the architecture. Lattice walls are simple structures that encourage natural plant growth. They can lift your garden right off the ground, and turn it into a beautiful focal point. Wall-mounted planters create a spot of visual interest, or you might add a wall of climbing vines to bring the area to life.

Cover Up

Don’t forget to cover up your patio! Protect yourself and your guests from sun exposure with the help of an adjustable canopy, shade sail, or an awning. A large patio umbrella is always in style, and some even allow you to adjust the size or positioning so you can keep the heat at bay any time of day. For those who want to let the sun seep through, try an overhead lattice. Like lattice walls, you can train vines to grow over them, providing you with cooling greenery, extra oxygen, and a dappling of sunlight.

All That Jazz

Depending on how you intend to use your patio, there are many ways to bring it to life. For that little something extra, think about adding an outdoor kitchen, a grilling area, wet bar, fire pit, or even a soothing water feature!

There’s no end to the possibilities for your patio. Let Touchstone Remodelers help you bring your backyard to life this summer. Connect with us today to get started.