Your bathroom is your sanctuary for self-care. Why not make it a place of ultimate relaxation, Zen, and luxury?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. In fact, there are a variety of features you can invest in that not only make your bathroom supremely cozy, but are super practical, too!

Radiant Floor Heating

For anyone who has ever touched down on freezing cold tiles after a nice, warm shower, radiant floor heating is the remedy. While it isn’t the least expensive remodeling project, it is a smart investment that will pay for itself in personal comfort and resale value. If you’re planning to replace your bathroom flooring anyway, or even if you’re not, radiant heat flooring is well worth considering.

Unlike forced-air heating, which tends to linger near the ceiling, radiant floors allow the heat to rise naturally and evenly, giving you a more comfortable heating experience. It runs more economically, retains heat more efficiently, is less likely to form cold spots, and uses less energy to warm the space. The average cost of installing radiant floor heating varies. Depending on your heat source, costs average about $20 per square foot.

If you value warm toes on a chilly winter morning, or simply crave a more effective method of heating your space, radiant floor heating is an excellent way to go.

Bathroom Heating Accessories

Towel Warming Drawers and Heated Towel Racks

There’s nothing quite as comforting as the feeling of a fresh-out-of-the-dryer towel. To get the same effect in your bathroom, think about warming drawers and heated towel racks for your bathroom linens. These luxurious touches can be yours for just a few hundred dollars.

A heated towel rack can ring in at $200-$300 for a quality unit or less than $100 for an economy version. A heated warming drawer keeps your linens warm and cozy for extended periods, and you’ll never have to worry about moist, mildewy towels ever again! These units are pricier than towel racks, but they are well worth the cost for many discerning homeowners.

Heated Toilet Seats

Talk about being on the hot seat! A heated toilet seat may sound gratuitous to some, but for others, it’s the perfect solution to the biting-cold blues. Often, this feature includes a bidet and sometimes a nightlight, but they are also available individually.

Heated Mirrors

Heated mirrors are pretty nifty too, as they don’t fog up in the presence of hot steam.

Bathroom Fireplace

For the ultimate heated design feature, why not add a fireplace to your bathroom? It is possible! Imagine a warm bath paired with the soft flicker of flames from a wood or gas fireplace. Pure heaven!

When you’re ready to turn up the heat in your bathroom, Touchstone Remodelers can help. Our team is here to help make your bathroom into the luxurious, cozy warm spa you’ve always dreamed of. Connect with us today, and let’s get started!