How do you imagine your dream bathroom? Do you ever wonder what it might look like in the future?

If you’re like us, you appreciate what new technology brings to the table, but bathrooms might not be the first place that comes to mind when we decide to go high-tech. Whether you can imagine it or not, there is a lot to explore in new bathroom technology. When it’s all said and done, you might wonder how you ever got by without it!

So let’s talk about some of the cool gadgets and amenities we might include in an ultra-modern bathroom remodel.

Smart Showers

For the most luxurious shower ever, smart showers are the way to go. Smart shower systems offer luxury, economy, and the ability to customize your shower experience by controlling water temperature, flow, output, when you want the water to turn on, and even the length of your shower. You can control these features all from an app on your device, or from the LED panel mounted in your bathroom. Smart showers support voice commands, and they can reduce your water bills too.

Digital Delight

Voice features aren’t exclusive to your shower. In fact, you can control your entire bathroom with your voice. Integrated smart systems like KOHLER Konnect allow you to customize your bathroom to fit your lifestyle and control every aspect of your space without ever lifting a finger. KOHLER’s range of smart bathroom features includes voice-activated vanity mirror lights, shower heads, toilets, faucets, and bathtubs.

The best part of KOHLER Konnect is that it can all be managed through one simple, streamlined smartphone application. In the bathroom, you can use voice commands, and from anywhere else, you can use your phone.

Some products, like their Verdera Voice Lighted smart mirror, require you to download the Amazon app to use all of its functions, but here’s where it gets even cooler. Your smart mirror connects to your Amazon account and allows you to watch videos, stream music, catch up on the latest news, and even control your other smart home devices. Integrated LED lighting delivers a neutral, natural glow that is both flattering and consistent.

Bathing Beauty

For the ultimate bathing experience, there’s nothing quite like KOHLER’s patented VibrAcoustic technology. Their specially designed bathtubs include personalized hydrotherapy features, helping to cultivate an atmosphere of unparalleled relaxation, right in your very own home.

VibrAcoustic bathtubs have hidden, built-in speakers that envelop the body with sound waves. To further immerse your senses, you can choose one of eight colors to fill your tub with soothing, therapeutic light. Pair it up with a Bubble Massage for incredible relaxation. What a treat!

The Future is Now

The smart bathroom truly is the pinnacle of modern technology, with sleek beauty and complete convenience at your fingertips. When you are ready to launch your bathroom into the space age, Touchstone Remodelers is prepared to steer the ship. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about the possibilities.