In today’s world, our four-legged friends are considered an integral part of the family. We love cats for their independence and quirky personalities and dogs for their loyalty, affectionate nature, and protective traits. Both give us unconditional love. 

In the United States, statistics estimate thatover seventy-six million dogs and over 58 million cats live as family pets. When we welcome a cat or dog into our family, we soon realize that they require as much attention as we do ourselves. We shelter and feed them, play with them and even share our beds with them. You can prevent your pet from taking over the entire household by designing simplistic, customized spaces that cater to their comfort and routine, especially as they grow older.  

Pet-Friendly Remodeling Ideas 

Here is a glance at several of our favorite home remodels developed to cover the main areas of activity within your pet’s daily routine.  

1. Mealtimes

Like their human counterparts, a pet’s daily schedule includes regular meals. To keep mealtimes tidy, incorporate a new feeding station and food storage area for your pets during your next kitchen or mudroom remodel. It will simplify both your routines by creating less distraction and more comfort for your pet. 

2. Fences Make Good Neighbors

Attractive fences also make great enclosures for dogs, allowing them the freedom to run and play without being restricted by a leash. A fenced yard also keeps dogs from wandering off into the neighbor’s yard and is a good compromise for when we are too busy to take them for walks. 

Cats don’t acknowledge fences. Adding a screened porch or a sunroom can provide the answer. Not in your budget? Try a custom-built window seat or outdoor enclosure attached to a window that opens for easy access. 

3. Freedom to Be Themselves

Installing a pet door allows your cat or dog to enjoy the fresh air and engage in activities that are meaningful and instinctual to them. Both cats and dogs also prefer taking care of business outside. Pet doors are also a handy solution for providing access to litter boxes hidden away under stairs or in closets. 

4. Mudrooms Great for Storage 

When remodeling, why not add on a mudroom to provide storage for your gear and your pet’s paraphernalia. Go one step further with the installation of a handy pet shower.  

5. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

If your sleep is continually interrupted because your pet is telling you it can’t reach the bed, it is time to install pet stairs to make it easier for them. Better yet, ensure an uninterrupted sleep by designing a customized sleeping space just for them in a cozy spot next to your bed or away from the bedroom. 

6. General Maintenance Tips

When remodeling your home, keep in mind your pets’ impact on décor. With so many choices in materials, choose flooring that won’t scratch or stain easily. Use good quality paint designed for easy wiping and fabrics that don’t hold onto pet hair. Speaking of pet hair, consider installing an automatic Vacport under your cabinets to trap pet fur. 

At Touchstone Remodelers, we have the welfare of both you and your pets in our minds and designs. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with a home remodel that is cozy and comfortable for all, even your four-legged family members!