Get to Know Our Dedicated and Knowledgeable Team

With decades of combined experience and a shared passion for our craft, the Touchstone Remodelers team consistently delivers.

Ben Srigley

CEO & Founder

Ben founded Touchstone Remodelers in 2011 with many years of experience in residential construction and a vision for a company custom tailored to service the grand homes that grace the neighborhoods of Washington, DC and surrounding areas. That vision includes not just superior quality and an exceptional customer experience, but also a professional, collaborative work environment and a supportive company culture in which everyone can perform at their best. Ben’s primary mission is to ensure this vision is shared by the entire team and put into practice every day, on every project. On a given day, you may find him mentoring a team member in construction techniques, working with an architect on the finer points of materials and design, or simply visiting each of Touchstone’s projects as often as he can to make sure everyone has what they need and every customer is happy.

Prior to Touchstone, Ben was a project manager at a leading residential construction and architecture firm where he oversaw complex, high-value projects. During a career in residential construction spanning almost 25 years, he worked his way up from a start in humble jobs and filled virtually every role in the industry along the way. In addition to project manager, his previous job titles include managing partner, superintendent, master carpenter, and cabinet maker. Over decades of work in residential remodeling, custom home building, and light commercial construction, Ben has acquired the knowledge and skills of many different aspects of construction. These include interior and exterior carpentry, interior finishes, concrete, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and site work. However, it was the years he spent making custom cabinets with his father that instilled in him a love of woodworking and a passion for precision craftsmanship.

Ben also has a passion for precision flying. He holds an instrument-rated, multiengine commercial pilot’s license and on weekends he enjoys flying his four-seat Mooney or even an acrobatic plane on occasion. Ben and his wife live in Chevy Chase, MD where they lead an active life that includes traveling, boating, scuba diving, and weight training.

Marleanda Brown

Outside Sales Manager

Marleanda may be relatively new to Touchstone, but she is a veritable veteran of the design and construction industry, with over 20 years of experience in various Account Executive and Sales Manager positions. We are truly fortunate to have her on our team.

Marleanda received her bachelor’s degree from UNC-Charlotte and is currently hard at work on an MBA in Human Resources. A highly motivated, goal-oriented sales professional, Marleanda specializes in discovering innovative ways to attract and develop new business—but always with an eye to the particular needs of each client. Because of her genuine commitment to building quality client relationships and her rare ability to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning and professionally successful clients, Marleanda has established an award-winning performance record.

When not in the office, Marleanda might be found enjoying a restful date night with her best friend and husband, proudly watching her three energetic children participate in various sports and watching NCAA collegiate wrestling.  If you are out for a stroll on one of Maryland’s trails, you may find Marleanda  testing her own physical endurance training for her next endurance race. Having grown up in a military family, she has traveled widely and maintains a fascination with and appreciation for different cultures and culinary cuisines. Marleanda considers herself a North Carolinian and is, not surprisingly, a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan.

Adam Metzger

Senior Project Manager

As a Project Manager and Lead Carpenter, Adam Metzger brings to the Touchstone Remodelers’ team extensive experience in home construction, cabinet making, and historic detailing, plus finely-honed skills in project management, precision layout, and subcontractor coordination and integration.

From 1998 to 2006, Adam built and remodeled numerous homes in Westchester County, New York, focusing on interior and exterior historic trim and built-in construction. Since 2006, he has offered remodeling contractor services in the DC area, with a particular emphasis on full-house remodels, along with kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, and home additions. Adam’s passion for detail and technical expertise, combined with his gift for interpersonal communication and project planning, make him a tremendous asset to the Touchstone Remodelers’ team.

A devoted husband and father, Adam enjoys spending family time with his wife and two children. He also manages time for golfing, hiking, and (please don’t tell his life insurance company) rock climbing.

Don Fink

Project Manager

As a Project Manager and Lead Carpenter at Touchstone Remodelers, Don Fink brings to the firm a diversified set of skills and a keen eye for detail. Don is an expert in project management and interprofessional liaison work; he also happens to be a master carpenter.

Don enjoys perfecting his already substantial skills and acquiring new knowledge. Having been in construction for 25 years, he has worked in a wide variety of roles ranging from subcontractor to project manager, touching nearly all subfields of the industry.

Don’s passions span a range of interests, including old-school muscle cars, recreational fishing, and master-class Lego building with his son.

Rob Shearin

Assistant Project Manager

Touchstone Remodelers is thrilled to have recently welcomed Rob to our team of skilled craftsmen. Not only is Rob an expert carpenter, welder, and draftsman with a keen eye for visual design, he also possesses extensive, proven managerial experience with both large and small projects. His skill set includes overall project management, planning, estimating, budgeting, organization, and strong interpersonal skills.

Prior to joining Touchstone, Rob established a reputation of excellence in the regional theater and special events field, directing and managing a steady flow of productions and events. For most of the past eight years Rob served as the Technical Director at Studio Theater in DC and at Signature Theater in Arlington, VA. More recently, he held the role of Production Manager at Hargrove, a large area events company. Rob’s breadth of skills and expertise provides him a unique perspective for his new career in high-end home remodeling and renovation with Touchstone Remodelers.

Rob enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. He is also passionate about golfing, grilling, and experiencing the great outdoors.

Robert Barnes

Demolition Specialist & Apprentice Carpenter

Robert Barnes, a Demolition Specialist and Apprentice Carpenter at Touchstone Remodelers, has the distinct privilege of overseeing demolition on our projects. He also lends to the firm his admirable work ethic and considerable craftsmanship in framing, trim work, painting, drywall, welding, and plasma cutting. Robert has been a member of the Touchstone Remodelers family since 2013.

When he’s not wielding power tools, Robert enjoys spending time with family and perfecting his considerable skills in fishing, bowling, and billiards.