At Touchstone Remodelers, we have developed a proven system of home remodeling project management that combines master craftsmanship, dedicated oversight, personalized communication, and strict quality control for each home remodeling project we take on.

Master Craftsmanship

To be effectively carried out, sophisticated architectural and design plans generally require exceptional craftsmen. The master craftsmen at Touchstone Remodelers are all licensed, certified, highly-experienced artisans who take pride in their work. In addition, Touchstone only works with the best sub-contractors in the area. This insistence on proven expertise helps ensure that each project is completed on time, within budget, and to the high standards set by Touchstone and expected by discerning clients.

Dedicated Oversight

Touchstone assigns an experienced home renovation project manager to ensure seamless coordination of each project. Prior to commencement of construction, Touchstone’s professional project management team (including the project manager) meets with the client and often the client’s architect and designer to review project logistics, discuss project oversight, and establish transparent methods of communication that will ensure the client is kept up-to-date on progress moving forward. The project manager oversees the ordering and receiving of building materials, general management of the workers, coordination of inspections, and maintenance of quality standards. When a project nears completion, the project manager schedules a final project review and makes plans for the completion of any outstanding project details.

Personalized Communication

Touchstone Remodelers has established a reputation for excellent customer service, and personalized client care is key to that reputation. Our home remodel project managers remain accessible to clients throughout the process and are highly responsive to clients’ questions, concerns, and preferences. Touchstone also utilizes the latest online project management and collaboration tools to ensure rapid communication and full transparency for all project participants.

Strict Quality Control

As noted above, one primary responsibility of the project manager is to ensure that strict quality control standards are maintained, but each team and crew member is additionally tasked by Touchstone to safeguard client homes, maintain pristine work areas, and minimize disruption as much as possible. Touchstone also prioritizes the protection of our clients’ privacy and emphasizes discretion from our work crews. Finally, once construction is complete, crews are required to remove any remaining construction debris and thoroughly clean the project site.