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Smart Home Design: Making Technology Beautiful


Are you old enough to remember those hideous plastic intercom panels from the 1970s? Back then, they were cutting-edge technology, but they came with an aesthetic price tag. Not so today. Our previous blog explored how modern smart home technology saves you time and money by controlling your lights, window treatments, entertainment systems, security, and...

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Smart Houses for Savvy Homeowners


Smartphones are just the tip of the tech-iceberg. It turns out that Alexa, Siri, and other virtual assistants can do much more than just check your emails and set timers. How...

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Celebrating Independence Day in Style


Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day? It’s been a long year, and I think we’re all ready to kick back and enjoy, maybe even in the company of a...

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Cozy Down and Warm Up: Radiant Heat Innovations for Your Home


Chances are, you have a room in your house that never seems to get warm. It was the laundry/mudroom for David and Jess, but they didn’t think much about it until...

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Interior Design – Turning a Beautiful Space into a Home


Congratulations! You just moved into a new home. Or maybe you just finished a home renovation. You have a beautiful space to fill. It’s fresh and new and filled with possibilities- -and, if...

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