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Your Home Renovation: Choosing the Right Interior Designer or Architect


Home renovations are the products of team effort. Whether you’re gutting your bathroom or embarking on an addition to your home, experts in the residential remodeling field will make the...

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Ten Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes


As I’ve mentioned before, bathroom remodeling is among the most value-adding home renovation projects you can pursue. AND YET. (Yes, there’s a catch.) Bathrooms are among the most challenging spaces to...

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Small-Kitchen Remodels: Making the Most of Your Home’s Heart


Remember my friend’s house, the one I talked about in a previous blog? She and her husband bought a darling 1895 home that had been heavily (and oddly) renovated and...

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Remodels that Make the Best Resale Sense—and the Ones that Don’t


Most of us live on a budget. How large that budget is may vary, but few Americans live beneath their means. Rather, we tend to live at or even above...

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Bathroom Remodels and Additions: Potentially Complex—But So Worth It!


Here’s a home-buying reality: kitchens and bathroom sell houses. People most often buy the most expensive house they can afford. And they look closely at kitchens and baths when they’re...

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