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Small-Kitchen Remodels: Making the Most of Your Home’s Heart


Remember my friend’s house, the one I talked about in a previous blog? She and her husband bought a darling 1895 home that had been heavily (and oddly) renovated and...

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Remodels that Make the Best Resale Sense—and the Ones that Don’t


Most of us live on a budget. How large that budget is may vary, but few Americans live beneath their means. Rather, we tend to live at or even above...

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Bathroom Remodels and Additions: Potentially Complex—But So Worth It!


Here’s a home-buying reality: kitchens and bathroom sell houses. People most often buy the most expensive house they can afford. And they look closely at kitchens and baths when they’re...

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A Good Residential Contractor: Your New BFF


A good friend once bought an 1895 farmhouse, a real “fixer-upper” with genuine potential, for her growing family. Very soon it became apparent that it needed a host of projects...

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