Your home.

More than the materials from which it is made. More than a mere collection of rooms.

Your home is Texture. Color. Light. Space. Function. It is the way these elements combine to shape the lives of the people you care about—both the ones who share the home with you and the special guests who pass through. Your home is a tangible expression of your personality, your dreams, and your success.

At Touchstone Remodelers, we understand that quality materials, master craftmanship, and visionary design are essential for a successful fine home remodeling project. But we know too that it takes more than these fundamentals, which is why we approach each client’s home renovation with an open mind, carefully attentive to your unique vision of what your home can become.

As a general contractor specializing in complex, high-end home renovation projects, Touchstone Remodelers works in close partnership with award-winning architects and designers to renovate and build the kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and living spaces of our clients’ dreams.

You know that your home can become more. Perhaps it’s time for Touchstone.

Explore our portfolio below and envision the possibilities.